2006 SSAA Boys World Series
The Teams.....thanks everyone
10u   Chez Sidney Bandits     St. Martin Parish,Louisiana
12u   Lebanon Storm              Lebanon, Tennessee
12u   ChezSidney Bandits      St. Martin Parish, Louisiana
14u   Heritage South              Shelbyville, Tennessee
14u   Lebanon Storm              Lebanon, Tennessee
14u  Chez Sidney Bandits       St. Martin Parish, Louisiana
16u   A-Town Untouchables     Abbeville, Louisiana
16u   Chez Sidney Bandits      St. Martin Parish, Louisiana
16u   Warren County Soldiers  McMinnville, Tennessee
16u   Crushers                          Morrison, Tennessee
16u   C-Town Braves                Centertown, Tennessee
16u   Shelbyville Merchants     Shelbyville, Tennessee
16u   Winesburg Warriors        Millersburg, Ohio
16u    Farmerstown                  Farmerstown, Ohio
16u    Pleasant Hill                   Millersburg, Ohio
16u    Bunker Hill                     Millersburg, Ohio
16u    B.C. Ballers                    Cleveland, Tennessee
19u    Alpine Softball                Dundee, Ohio
19u    Buckeye Softball             Mt. Hope, Ohio
19u    United Hardwood/Kidron Holmesville, Ohio
19u    Baltic Softball                  Baltic, Ohio
19u    Chestnut Ridge                Millersburg, Ohio
19u    Mid-Ohio Softball            Millersburg, Ohio
19u    ABC Softball                    Abbeville, Louisiana
19u    ChezSidney Bandits        St. Martin Parish  Louisiana
19u     Lebanon Chemical         Lebanon, Tennessee
19u     Spirit                            Strawberry Plains, Tennessee
19u     Young Americans          Middletown, Ohio

Memories from Ringgold....
above Pleasant Hill 16u
then some pictures of our
staff. A couple of Chez Boys
with their bats and one throwing. Below 14u  team
Heritage South
Your "Ticket" to more pictures