Cookeville 2010 Pictures
2010  12u Champions          Lebanon Stars           Lebanon, Tn.
Lebanon Stars fast becoming a force in Boys Softball. Back to back Championships in 10u and 12u.
  Andy's Crew 22           12u Runner Up                     Strawberry Plains, Tn.
Look for Straw Plains
to have their
teams primed and ready for 2011
Thanks to the Coaches, Parents, and Players
for the largest 12u bracket in 10 years ....lets grow it together...BOYS Softball Pass It On!
WE Dat!             12u Third Place             Abbeville, La.
  1st Lebanon Stars      Lebanon, Tn.
  2nd Andy's Crew 22     Strawberry Plains, Tn.
3rd  WE Dat   Abbeville, La.
4th Middletown Mambas  Middletown, Oh.
5th Chez Sidney Youth Bandits   Catahoula, La.
6th  Yoes Bros.  Shelbyville, Tn.
7th  TXR All Stars  Gordonsville, Tn. 
Let's have 12  teams in this bracket next year........
Great Action in 12u
all tournament long
So good to have TXR 12u playing with us!
Whats makes Boys Softball Special?
In the center of this picture is Luke Brewington
Luke played on my Boys Softball Teams  15 years ago and was a star player, here he is coaching a team of 12 year olds in the World Series.  Boys Softball enjoy it all your life!
People ask me all the time what makes the Boys World Series special? I always answer it's the Smitty (left) and Bill Wilson (right)
veteran officials enjoying the day together.
These two men have been involved in officating
sports events at the highest levels and always take time to enjoy this tournament.
   Boys Softball makes friends for life!
More Pictures
What makes Boys softball  so
Special? It's the the St. Martin Parish folks that share their Parish flag with us each summer.
For over 30 years they have played this tourney!
There is no event like this
What makes Boys Softball so special?
it's entire communities pulling together.
Here is a photo I got off Facebook of the
four enteries from Strawberry Plains Tn.
Tradition!  That's what makes this event unique
The thrill of watching one fly out of the park.
Note all eyes are on the ball. Batter, Catcher, Umpire, and On Deck that's special!
  Matt   John
Watching young boys grow into men
still enjoying the game. Hands down most Special of all!
My sons John and Matt USSSA
State 1992
John Mason  1991                            John  Mason 2010
         (John directed the girls tournament this year)
Matt Mason worked all week to make our event special!
Hall of Fame Coaches Jack Ritchie
and Wayne Miller....with nearly 20
National Titles Between them.
Where else could you find an Amish Cajun
Hillbilly like Wayne? Chez Hat,
TeamTennessee Shirt,
  .......and a van full of
Amish softball players!
What makes Boys Softball So Special?
it's YOU!  all of you!
every coach, player,
parent and supporter
It's the people.........
all the people.........
All of us are truly FAMILY!    from Louisiana to Ohio and all in between..ONE BIG SOFTBALL
Tyler  2010.....still enjoying the game. Many young boys have grown into men playing the World Series....thanks to all of you...I appreciate every one.