Strawberry Plains
2010 SSAABoys Softball
Hall Of Fame
Warren County Tn.
Bobby Hendrickson
Jack Ritchie
Marshall Blanchard
Greg Latiolais
Located in tradition rich
Warren County Tennessee
The Fairgrounds Complex has hosted boys softball events as long as I can remember. Proud to have "The Fenway Park"
of boys softball.....the Fairgrounds in our Hall Of Fame.
The field the 10u and 12u love....
3 unique and different fields
fans sit in the covered bleachers and look down to the see the action
190ft. with a 20ft. high fence!
top of fence        20 ft.
We warmly welcome to the SSAA Boys Softball Hall of Fame
Greg Latiolais and Marshall Blanchard
both from St. Martin Parish Louisiana and both true friends
of youth sports and boys softball in particular. I met these guys years ago playing against the Chez teams. In 2003 I was searching for ways to grow our tournament, which was struggling to find 10u and 12u teams. The Chez guys joined in with us and provided support and encouragement as together we watched the growth.  Thanks Greg and Marshall for your tireless work and your unselfish devotion to the youth.
B & L Crawfish job too big,
no job too small!   You call we crawl!
Enjoy your new job!
next stop the Crawfish
Boil Hall of Fame!
100's of young men have
enjoyed playing softball
and traveling because of
the work of the Chez organization over the years.....thanks
  A lot of our best teams grew up while playing at the Fairgrounds....
...may there be more in the future...
At right is Bobby Hendrickson, Corbin, Ky.
Bobby has been involved in softball as a player, league organizer, tournament director, umpire, travel youth coach..he has done it all! Proud to induct  for 2010
into the SSAA Boys Softball Hall of Fame
As a boys coach he has led the "young"
Rebels to 4 National Titles, amasing over 40 wins in National Tournament play.
Shown with Bobby in both pictures is son Tyler...12u
in the small picture and 20u in the larger one.