From the first time we met  Dalton Folks rolled out      the Red Carpet for us. They even offered to make a few rolls of the stuff for us  if we needed it while we were in town!

Dalton 2013...  10 times the excitment!
Mike Mason with   Mike Brown Dalton Parks and Rec
Thanks to the 59 teams that traveled to play!
Boys 10u Results
1st Lebanon Stars     Lebanon, Tn.
    Team 22               Strawberry Plains, Tn.
    Chez Bandits        Catahoula, La.
    In It 2 Win It!         Abbeville, La.

Girls 13u Results
1st Powerhouse          Shelbyville, Tn.
    Team S.W.A.T.       Morrison, Tn.
    Coffee County Cyclones Manchester, Tn.
    Smyrna SWAT       Smyrna, Tn.
    Tennessee Divas    Lebanon, Tn.
    West Cobb Maniacs  Marietta, Ga.
    Lady Bandits           Midway, Tn.

Boys 12u Results
1st Team 22 Gold        Strawberry Plains, Tn.
     Lebanon Stars      Lebanon, Tn.
     Chez Bandits        Catahoula, La.
     Middletown Mud Dogs  Middletown, Oh.
     Xtreme Chaos        Midway, Tn.
     Team 22 White      Strawberry plains, Tn.
     In It 2 Win It           Abbeville, La.

Boys 14u Results
1st Team 22                Strawberry Plains, Tn
     Middletown Mud Dogs   Middletown, Oh
     Clean Energy Systems   Lancaster, Pa.
     Homeland Bank       Morrison, Tn.

Girls 16u Results
1st Total Control        Shelbyville, Tn.
      Manchester Xtreme  Manchester, Tn.
      Beast                     Manchester, Tn.
      West Cobb Blaze   Marietta, Ga
Boys 16u Results
     Winesburg           Winesburg, Oh.
      East Holmes        Walnut Creek, Oh.
      Sugar Creek        Sugar Creek, Oh.
      Buckeye               Berlin, Oh.
      Chez Bandits        Catahoula, La.
      Team 22                Strawberry Plains, Tn.
      Pepsi                     Corbin, Ky.
      Team 22 (purple)  Strawberry Plains, Tn.
      Lebanon Stars       Lebanon, Tn.
      Lebanon Blue        Lebanon, Tn.
      Third Base Sluggers Middletown, Oh.
      In It 2 Win It            Abbeville, La.

Girls 19u Results
     Coffee Co. Cyclones Manchester, Tn.
      Team 22                 Strawberry Plains, Tn.
      Middletown Gems  Middletown, Oh.
      Team KO                Manchester, Tn.

Boys 18u Results
      Farmerstown          Baltic, Oh.
      Rockwood/Finish Works Ligioneer, In.
      Black Hawks          Dundee, Oh.
      Buckeye Softball   Berlin, Oh.
      Charm Softball      Charm, Oh.
      Saltillo                   Millersburg, Oh.
      Pepsi                     Corbin, Ky.
      Chez Bandits         Catahoula, La.
      Lebanon Stars       Lebanon, Tn.

Boys 20u
    Sportrax of Ohio    Millersburg, Oh.
     Fredricksburg        Fredricksburg, Oh.
     Team Lancaster    Lancaster, Pa.
     Chez Bandits         Catahoula, La.
      Flames                 Lancaster, Pa.
      Team 22               Strawberry Plains, Tn.
      Farmerstown       Farmerstown, Oh.
      Murray Indians    Chatsworth, Ga.



Ginny at the Dalton Convention and Visitors Bureau  with far left. Jennifer Byrd  Sports Sales Manager, Center Debby Long Director of Operations
Great help and support  for our tournament from the folks at Dalton CVB!THANKS
dalton cvb web site
Check out the Dalton
CVB Web site!
loaded with info to help you plan your trip!
(logo is a link to the site)
Mike with Bob Sheth Manager Econolodge
  " Our Host Property" team check in was here and he housed several of our teams
Now some of the Highlights of this years World Series.......

Two very popular Hall of Fame inductions Pee Wee Miller to the Boys Softball Hall of Fame and David Martin to the SSAA Hall of Fame in Peters Creek N.C.  Beckie Smith, Owner of SSAA Softball came over
from North Carolina to induct David. Congratulations Pee Wee and David!
Sportrax 20u throwing the "Three Peat" sign after taking the title for
the third year in a row...will miss these guys! Hey Ryan how about
starting a new dynasty, should be a bunch of 14u Holmes County
guys that would love to be SPORTRAX Part II
Team 22 girls!  There will be more in the future
Thanks Tim for bringing these ladies to Dalton
Middletown brought the Gems in Girls 19u thanks Betty for the fine team from Middletown......
This will grow our tournament quickly, my dream is Boys and Girls teams from the same area traveling together to play the World Series...there was talk of more of this  for next year.
As it always is.....the REAL highlight of any World Series
is seeing old friends and making new ones. I love this picture
of Chez 20u Catahoula guys....a tear or two as I think back seems they should be still playing 12 or 14u...THANKS guys for so many thrills may there be many more in your future.
New Friends from their first WorldSeries....Marion Miller and the Rockwood/Finish Works guys finished a very strong second in a great 18u bracket, got a call from Marion they will be in Holmes County this Fall and are bringing another 18u team with them WELCOME TO SSAA Indiana guys!
The Future looks bright with a very strong 13u girls bracket that featured 7 teams and a 16u boys bracket with 12 teams....The Best Is Yet To Come!
Elvis has left the building.....and SSAA has left Dalton.....
Where will we wind up in 2014?
My closing thoughts....I'm but the caretaker of this great event,
this is a responsibility I take seriously.  My prayer is God guide and direct me as I work to give us the best event we can have
and may the memories each player, coach, parent, and offical take away from this event be happy and lasting ones.
THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! love Mr. Mike and Miss Ginny
dalton pictures
Thanks to Dan Stoltzfus and the other coaches
from Lancaster Pa. for bringing this 14u team.
Appreciate Clean Energy Heating Systems for sponsoring this team!