Dalton 2014..... Memories were made there!
   68 teams chased titles in  10 divisions of play
the competition was fierce and spirited....

Boys Division
1. Lebanon Stars  Lebanon, Tn.
2. Chez Bandits Catahoula La.
3. Team 22 Strawberry Plains, Tn.
4. Final Choice Abbeville, La.


1. Chez Bandits  Catahoula, La.
2. Soggy Bottom Boys McMinnville, Tn.
3. Team 22 Strawberry Plains, Tn.
4. Lebanon Stars  Lebanon, Tn.
5. Final Chance Abbeville, La.

1. Team Lancaster   Lancaster, Pa.
2. Team 22  (Ray) Strawberry Plains, Tn.
3.Muddogs Middletown, Oh.
4. Abbeville,  Abbeville, La.
5. Lesters Ball Wreckers Morrison, Tn.
6. Chez Bandits  Catahoula, La.
7. Team 22 (Buddy) Strawberry Plains, Tn.
8. Xtrteme Chaos  Rock Island, Tn.

1. Fredricksburg Softball  Fredricksburg, Oh.
2. Berlin Softball   Berlin, Oh.
3. Chez Bandits  Catahoula, La.
4. East Holmes Softball Sugar Creek, Oh.
5. Team 22 Strawberry Plains, Tn.
6. Evergreen Park  Millersburg, Oh.
7. Sumth'n Smok'n Lebanon, Tn.
8. Bunker Hill Softball Berlin, Oh.
9. Pepsi Rebels Corbin, Ky.
10. Eagles  Millersburg Oh.

1.  Buckeye Softball   Dundee, Oh.
2. Charm Softball Charm, Oh.
3. Winesburg Softball Winesburg, Oh.
4. Martins Creek Softball Millersburg, Oh.
5. Blackhawks Millersburg, Oh.
6, Farmerstown Softball Baltic, Oh.
7. Saltillo  Millersburg, Oh.
8. Team 22 Strawberry Plains, Tn.
9. Chez Bandits  Catahoula, La,
10. Pepsi Rebels Corbin, Ky.

1. Fredricksburg     Apple Creek Ohio
2. Team 22   Strawberry Plains, Tn.
3. Dem Boyz   Lebanon, Tn.
4. Sportrax of Ohio   Millersburg, Oh.
5. Chez Bandits Catahoula, La.
6. Avalance   Lancaster, Pa.
7. Farmerstown  Baltic, Oh.
8. Middletown  Middletown, Oh.
9. Sumth'n Smok'n    Lebanon, Tn.
10. Cooper Sports Manchester, Tn.

Girls Division
1.Manchester Mayhem   Manchester, Tn.
2. Smyrna Rampage      Smyrna, Tn.
3. Lady Spartans   Catahoula, La.
4. Lil' S.W.A.T.   McMinnville, Tn.

1. Team S.W.A.T.   McMinnville, Tn.
2. Coffee County Cyclones Manchester, Tn.
3. Smyrna Mayhem  Smyrna, Tn.
4. Storm  Kennesaw, Ga.
5. Xtreme Ballers  Morrison, Tn.

1. Manchester Xtreme     Manchester, Tn.
2. Powerhouse   Shelbyville, Tn.
3. Team S.W.A.T. McMinnville, Tn.
4. Coffee County Reapers Manchester
5. Intentisy Kennesaw Ga.
6. Lebanon Staretts  Lebanon, Tn.

1. TEAM 22  Strawberry Plains, Tn.
2. Coffee County Cyclones  Manchester, Tn.
3. Louisiana Tigers Catahoula, Tn.
4. Beast  Mancjester, Tn.
5. Shoneys Manchester, Tn.

Lebanon Stars   2014  10u Champions

   Chez Bandits  2014  12u CHAMPIONS
Damion Theriot (c) 12u Speed Winner
...with a couple of team mates
Relaxing after the games....back at the Motel
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Would this be the year
the longest standing
record for speed falls?