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"The Boys From Illinois"
Perhaps my biggest thrill was coaching both my son and grandson to world titles. Ironicly they both played the outfield, both wore #6, both made the all tournament team, and both have their shirts in the Hall Of Fame.       .........Myron Schroder   2007.
Tristen Hall (left) and Mike Mason
at Cherokee NC 2007.
(Tristen is grandson of Myron Schroder)
Downs is proud of it's team!
2007  SSAA 10u Champions with their coach
2008 USSSA Hall of Hame Inductee and coach of  the Blue Ridge High School Lady Knights fast pitch softball team, Myron Schroder.  Boys Softball is lucky to have leaders like Myron involved in the game.
Headquartered in Downs Illinois , a central Illinois town of 600 in McLean County,Team Illinois  has had over 500 kids play under the
able coaching skills of 2008 USSSA Hall of Fame inductee Myron Schroder. With 11 titles in 12 years as well as  28 top 4 finishes
the quality of the program is exceptional
Congratulations Coach Myron
on your induction to the Illinois
Class of 2008
Tristen Hall introduced
his grandfather Myron at
the ceremony.
Class of 2008
Schroeder accepted his place in the Illinois USSSA Hall of Fame by saying, “All of us on this stage this evening realize that none of us arrived here alone without the support of many.” Schroeder went on to tell of some of his coaching experiences by saying, “After your assistant coach washes the boys red jerseys with the white pants you get to explain to a bunch of twelve year olds boys why they get to play the national championship game in pink pants.” he later stated, “If you coach girls you have to wonder how they can miss so many batting signals but never miss a phone call.
Schroeder closed with a short poem,
“I coach, not of fortune or fame. I coach, not so that you will remember my name. I coach, for the knowledge a child may gain. I coach, all for the love of the game.

In the fall of 1989 Coach Myron Schroeder set out to finding enough 15 and Under talented pieces to participate in the 1990 USSSA Youth World Tournament. Over the next five month period, 12 pieces of talent were accumulated from 6 different central Illinois high school baseball programs. It was his intent to put together a team that just might win a game at the tournament. In his wildest dreams did he realize that he was constructing one of the finest boy's youth softball teams ever to play the game?

With a willing sponsor in Jim Fox of Fox's Sports, the team had a uniform sponsor and a team name, but little else to support what was on the horizon for these 12 untested softball players. As these dozen players arrived at the world tournament's opening ceremonies, one had his leg in a cast and two others were wrapped in bandages and tape, while the entire team noticed that they were the smallest team in stature compared to the other 25 other competing teams.

Even though outsized, it did not seem to detour the team's spirit and desire to do their best. Their goal of winning a game remained intact, as they took the field for their first world tournament test, despite hampering injuries to key personnel.

Fox’s Sports / Team Illinois made it all the way to the ‘if necessary game of the USSSA Boys World Tournament where they rallied to tie the score in the bottom of the seventh inning before winning it in eight innings over the defending nation champions.

At that moment, all the doubters realized that they had forgotten to measure this small team's heart, as they celebrated an unexpected championship.

To this day, Coach Schroeder says it perhaps was his most rewarding softball win, as he emphasizes that the Fox's team was the most coachable team he has ever been around. "They are truly a special group that won a world title together.”